The bill should be drafted to tackle corruption.

In this various sources to corruption has to be taken into aspect

Black Money will result in multiplication of Black Money.

Person/s offering and accepting bribe also to be punished unless the person forced to do such act should come forward to disclose all details to the investigation agencies.

Protection should be given by police to such persons

Each public servant must be directed to give details of property held by him as well as his dependants

Black Money is created in purchase and sale of immovable properties as Govt is not fixing correct Market rate in the begining of every financial year.

Once case is subtantiated the money recovered should be deposited in respective State/Central Govt account

All persons holding public offices including MP,MLA MLC,Panchayat ,Corporators elected should be brought with this aspect including PM and CMs .

Time bound by enquiring agencies should be made mandatory.

All payments above should be made above Rs 1000 by cheque system or Credit card system One man one Bank account system to be introduced.

I/card number to be mentioned in every purchase or sale of Immovable and movable property above Rs 10000.

Strict punishment should be there when that person cheats public or exchecker.

There are many more Only salient features to be considered are indicated

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