The Best Way To Find A Furnished Apartment Edit

Many different kinds of circumstances dictate the need for a short-term stint in a furnished apartment, like a 3-month contract for a job across the country or waiting for a deal to close on a new home. Regardless of how the situation arises, finding a furnished apartment can be challenging because this type of situation isn’t commonplace. Using the Internet to find a short-term housing provider, however, just made the process a bit easier.

Corporate Housing vs Extended Stay Hotels. The Pros and Cons Edit

Corporate Housing vs. Extended Stay Hotels – The Pros and Cons There are lots of options out there to decide from when tasked with having to locate a place to hang your hat. Both really are good options. However, depending upon your situation, length of time, ability to make a commitment, and personal lifestyle decisions, one might be a better fit over another.

Corporate Housing 101 Edit

Top Things to Consider When Signing a Lease agreement
As you begin to narrow down your options and begin to focus on a few offers that were presented for temporary housing, here’s a few tips you may want to think about and review prior to signing the agreement.

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