is a small town in germany placed at the river gera in a valley between the central german highlands. 200 000 inhabitants are currently (2010) living there. It has an Airport and Inter City Express(ICE) capable Train station. Erfurt is the capital of the state thuringia.
Even though the local government consists of members of a so called socialist party (SPD) it is known to be very conservative. So it is one of the few cities in germany where drinking alcoholics in the public gets prosecuted.

The city also had an famous squat which took the area of the former company "Topf & Söhne" that produced the ovens for several concentration camps during WWII, including Auschwitz. However, squat's memory work was disregarded be local authorities when the Topf-Squat was evicted byspecial police forces(SEK) using helicopters.

Erfurt's Gutenberg-Gymnasium is also know for the first big school-shooting in germany to happen in 2002 when a pupil that was not allowed to finish his exam killed two pupils, one cop and 13 teachers. His body was found dead later.



Erfurt ist the, so called: capital of crime in Thuringia. Well known are the massrapes of eleven nurses, by a group of fans from the FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt in 2007. Since this cruelty crime, die raperate increase dramatically. in 2009 17 of 100 woman in Erfurt are raped by male Erfurt inhabitants.


Most Erfurtians are in the Crack-Business. The local Goverment changed in 2003 under the control of two clans. The mafia and the hooligans from the football club FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt. Last ones controlling the erfurtian prostitutionszene, too.


The people in Erfurt are really retarded. Most believe in in strange Gods like the post-christian african Goddess Marie Uhana. Others dreaming for a Hook off by Alien Invaders. Sometimes there brutal streetriots between the religous groups. Erfurt has no university or anything similar. The school atendance is for all children untill the sixt class compulsory. Some of the intelligent Erfurdians take two years more and leave the school with fourteen years, befor they start there working career in the mines.