The "Great Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms" was legislated in Libya during 1988, and proclaimed in Baida on 12th June, 1988. it included references and praise to Gaddafi during its preamble, in the version announced via the Libyan General People's Congress (GPC). On 12th June 1999, an International Green Charter was proclaimed in English, essentially a translation of the 26 articles of the original charter, but without reference to Gaddafi.

This initiative was undertaken by an Australian director of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches of The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory in response to a decline in human rights in Libya and the increasing hold on power by Gaddafi and his family. Holding the "moral weight of millions of ordinary citizens in Libya and around the world who legisltated the original Green Charter 11 years earlier", he held that the Green Charter is the most advanced and legitimate human rights document worldwide to date and should be adopted everywhere as a step forward for human rights and freedom.

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