The Multiate Paradisaic™ Platform for secure rich media (digital images, videos, audio, etc.) information sharing and collaboration.

What is the Multiate Paradisaic™ Platform?

A “bundling” together of existing Open Source products to create a “platform” that provides the best Web 2.0/Social-network features. What is the difference? Does it with security as a major core component….i.e. support for secure rich media (digital images, videos, audio, etc) information sharing and collaboration implemented based on these 12 core concepts:

  • Propagate - Become distributed or widespread, cause to become widely known.
  • Authenticate - Confirm positive identity.
  • Relate - Have or establish a relationship to.
  • Associate - Make a logical or causal connection.
  • Duplicate - Increase twofold. Innovate - Introduce new ideas or practices.
  • Innovate - Introduce new ideas or practices.
  • Syndicate - Organize into or form a syndicate.
  • Aggregate - Gather in a mass, sum, or whole. Integrate - Make into a whole or make part of a whole.
  • Cultivate, Curate, Collaborate, Correlate and Communicate - Improve, organize and oversee, work together, align and transmit information.

Built upon Google Wave and semantic principles, the platform supports an environment for pulling together data, tools and widgets from around the Web to assemble the elements needed for secure business communications.

“Communication is the key”….see for more information.

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