Released under GNU/GPL V.2.0 license


PerseusGuard is a meta-distribution based on Ubuntu Linux, that acts as a centralized Proxy/Content Filter/'Anti virus in LAN environments for protecting PC clients.

PerseusGuard is available in three different kinds of download:

  • Iso format. A standard ISO image – derived from Ubuntu server LTS 10.04 – for direct installation on PC (real or virtual)
  • From Scratch version (.tgz package) –The scripts contained into the package will “generate” PerseusGuard starting from Ubuntu Server
  • Virtual Appliance” for Vbox OSE (Not ready yet! It will be available soon! Check official web-site for news)

The technologies involved are the best from Open Source: Squid, SquidGuard, Havp,ClamAV and Ubuntu 'Linux. PerseusGuard also provides a dedicated web interface for an easy-configuration-management of all the services above ( written in Object-Oriented PHP ).

Full description of the project, manuals, download @ official page

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