Scitex Learning is an online Science Program, designed especially for Texas in 2011 by LJ Create ( ). The name Scitex comes from SCI-ence for TEX-as.

The Scitex system covers combined Science at Middle School level and the subjets of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) at High School level. It is easy to use and full of experiential learning activities.

The program features 100% Coverage of the 2010 TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). 100% alignment to the TEKS is assured with a standards based menu system. Teachers and students select lessons base upon TEKS, student outcomes, or even a specific breakout. Students and teachers can display the related TEKS and student outcomes within the software. This makes the Scitex system easy to use with any form of curriculum mapping.

Scitex includes interactive science laboratory simulations for true inquiry-based learning. Students can place apparatus, sensors and samples anywhere on screen while sophisticated algorithms link items together for a truly life-like hands-on experience. Students plan and implement their own experimental inquiry, all done on-screen and on-line.

The program includes presentations that can be downloaded and customised by teachers, audio tracks and videos. Assessment questions form part of the learning experience, allowing students to test their own knowledge against a particular outcome.

For more information, visit the SciTex Learning Website ( ).

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