Ground-breaking technologies are going to be crucial parts of big campaigns in the future and already are. Yet, you can only develop campaigns with these if you know what’s possible and what’s not. Techies (some call them nerds) do know what’s possible. Usually, they can be found under titles such as web developer, programmer, technical director or simply IT expert. Our techie at Jung von Matt was called “Mägic”. He was a very kind nerd with the gift of being able to make other people understand complex processes and technologies. With a guy like this in the background, you can be relaxed from the very beginning and think of things as if anything was possible, letting him check afterwards whether things can be done the way you want them to be or not. If things turn out to be impossible until now, think of how they can be programmed or simply invent them to make them possible. A continuous contact with your techie also provides you with new food for ideas and for understanding structures, something that, in turn, will help you with developing new ideas. (fra OhMyGodWhatHappened gratis bog om socialemedier fra Kaspers tweet)

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