Wallhood is a social networking website, which offers the features of

Wallhood's earlier logo

  • Music Sharing and listening on a Social Platform
  • Documents Sharing
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Arcade Games (more than 4000)
  • Polls
  • Forums
  • Chat Rooms
  • Full Privacy Control
  • Classifieds

And much more...

The OwnerEdit

  • Rishabh Mehan Recieving the award
  • Touch Screen Project

An Indian college student, from Noida (hometown: Dehradun), Rishabh Mehan is behind Wallhood . He launched it on 1st Jan, 2011. He wished for a big ger site than Facebook so he stood up with Wallhood .

His other projects have made him a re known person. In 2009, he won an Award in the project presentation at International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) by developing a Multi-touch Screen without the use of any electrical devices.

Another limelight project of his; The Eye operated system, which demonstrated the control over a computer system by human eyes. The mouse movements were locked with the person's gaze.

How Wallhood Started ?Edit

Wallhood required a lot of strategies and planning. Rishabh Mehan wrote an article himself briefing the journey

"The starting of Wallhood marked a very important day of my life. It was an unforgetfull event in my life. I started building a social networking site in December, 2009. I had no web knowledge, just knew how to use databases with PHP and some basic HTML & CSS. And wallhood includes many frameworks, Jquery , javascripting as well.Edit
The course to Wallhood took me through great learning and understanding, I tried developing everything on my own didnt took any help from books, just Google. Well it is the prime help to all the people in the world.Edit
The motive behind Wallhood was not to take down anysite or to glow in fame, it was just a project done by me and its the blessings of my parents and God, that it is going successfully.Edit

=====on 1st Jan, 2011 I finally decided to release this 4th version of wallhood which I assume is better than the rest of the versions I made. Wallhood's looks and speed has always caught my interests, thus I am constantly working on both. The Recent changes made are :-=====

  1. =====Complete new Design, removing of the black and white layout and filling in some colors in a new way.=====
  2. =====New Servers, Wallhood is now running on new servers thus providing us the independency over many attributes.=====
Wallhood simply refers to the fact that now everything you do is under one Hood and every thing is social."Edit

Wallhood - '''everything social under a single hood.Edit


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