Wallhood is a social networking website, which offers the features of

Wallhood's earlier logo

  • Music Sharing and listening on a Social Platform
  • Documents Sharing
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Arcade Games (more than 4000)
  • Polls
  • Forums
  • Chat Rooms
  • Full Privacy Control
  • Classifieds

And much more...

The Owner[]

An Indian college student, from Noida (hometown: Dehradun), Rishabh Mehan is behind Wallhood . He launched it on 1st Jan, 2011. He wished for a big ger site than Facebook so he stood up with Wallhood .

His other projects have made him a re known person. In 2009, he won an Award in the project presentation at International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) by developing a Multi-touch Screen without the use of any electrical devices.

Another limelight project of his; The Eye operated system, which demonstrated the control over a computer system by human eyes. The mouse movements were locked with the person's gaze.

How Wallhood Started ?[]

Wallhood required a lot of strategies and planning. Rishabh Mehan wrote an article himself briefing the journey

"The starting of Wallhood marked a very important day of my life. It was an unforgetfull event in my life. I started building a social networking site in December, 2009. I had no web knowledge, just knew how to use databases with PHP and some basic HTML & CSS. And wallhood includes many frameworks, Jquery , javascripting as well.[]
The course to Wallhood took me through great learning and understanding, I tried developing everything on my own didnt took any help from books, just Google. Well it is the prime help to all the people in the world.[]
The motive behind Wallhood was not to take down anysite or to glow in fame, it was just a project done by me and its the blessings of my parents and God, that it is going successfully.[]

=====on 1st Jan, 2011 I finally decided to release this 4th version of wallhood which I assume is better than the rest of the versions I made. Wallhood's looks and speed has always caught my interests, thus I am constantly working on both. The Recent changes made are :-=====

  1. =====Complete new Design, removing of the black and white layout and filling in some colors in a new way.=====
  2. =====New Servers, Wallhood is now running on new servers thus providing us the independency over many attributes.=====
Wallhood simply refers to the fact that now everything you do is under one Hood and every thing is social."[]

Wallhood - '''everything social under a single hood.[]


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